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Canna Cocoa by MOTA Cannabis

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Canna Cocoa by MOTA CannabisDOSAGE150mg of THC /packetDOSAGE150mg of THC /packetMEDICAL EFFECTSHelps with insomnia, pain, stress, appetite loss, anxie..

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Canna Cocoa by MOTA Cannabis


150mg of THC /packet

DOSAGE150mg of THC /packet
MEDICAL EFFECTSHelps with insomnia, pain, stress, appetite loss, anxiety, inflammation, nausea, relaxation, and gives

a euphoric feeling.

WARNING ADVISORY: Please be advised that Mota Tea Mix is packed with a non-toxic silica gel packet to ensure no moisture content is present in the packaging. Please Ensure that the silica packet is removed before consumption. Product ingredients listed below.

“Mota Canna Cocoa is infused with 150mg THC and is perfect for cool evenings or nighttime use. Use with milk, dairies or fats to bind with the THC and activate it to its fullest potential. Comes with marshmallows.”

Product Ingredients


Powdered Milk, Sugar, Cannabis, Cocoa Powder, Salt, Marshmallows Contains. 150mg of THC /packet.

What Are Edibles?

While many of us may be unfamiliar with or new to Cannabis-infused edibles and beverages, they have been around since

 the existence of the plant itself. Evidence has shown that even ancient civilizations used cannabis within their 

food and drink, steeping it with tea, alcohol and various edible oils. Edibles are essentially any food or beverage 

product that has been infused with cannabinoids. Cannabis-infused food products are quickly becoming one of the most

 popular ways to consume cannabis due to the appeal of being able to ingest cannabis without smoking.

Edibles VS Smoking

It can be argued that eating cannabis-infused edibles are a safer and healthier alternative to smoking cannabis 

because they negate the harsh effects on the body associated with smoking combustible materials or inhaling smoke into the lungs.

 First time edible-eaters will realize that there are many differences between eating edibles vs smoking cannabis. 

Both methods of consuming cannabis differ in the way that they enter your bloodstream. Edibles are slowly absorbed 

into your bloodstream through your digestive system. Over time, the THC or other various cannabinoids within your 

edibles are broken down by your liver. The breaking down of cannabinoids by the liver results in the conversion of 

THC into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is more concentrated. The result of eating edibles, or the high more specifically,

 tends to be a lot more intense and longer lasting compared to smoking.

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